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A relationship based strategic marketing consultancy


Who We Are The who, what and why our company exists

Our vision is to assist our clients by providing dynamic marketing solutions to their businesses and brands. We specialise in Strategic Marketing, Consumer Contact Planning, Direct and Interactive Marketing, Brand Image and Identity Refinement, Brand Positioning, Media Planning, PR, Videography, DVD’s, TV inserts.


We build positive business relationships with our clients, we serve them, we provide value to them, we are consummate professionals, we have total integrity, and stand for your success.


We focus on results. We help businesses focus on the end result. We help create the powerful compelling future they want for themselves, their businesses and their teams.


We create a sense of possibility. We strive ourselves on encouraging our clients to keep pushing in the face of uncertainty and difficult challenges. We believe in encouraging our clients by imbuing a positive attitude and never missing valuable opportunities.

Our Services From the initial stage of receiving a brief (or assisting client in developing one), it is our responsibility to develop a marketing campaign based on brand or company objectives, that effectively builds brand equity, develops and maintains brand awareness and ultimately drive sales.

Strategic Marketing

Consumer Contact Planning

Direct and Interactive Marketing

Brand Positioning

Media Planning

Videography, DVD’s and TV Inserts

Multilingual Print Media and Communications

Creative Website Design and Development

Social Media Marketing

We look for unique opportunities within the market that will position the brand or company based on desired objectives. The team ensures optimum implementation of identified strategies.

We strongly believe in the development and maintenance of durable relationships between companies, their brand and consumers within the marketplace.

We continuously adapt to the competitive and dynamic environment within which we operate.

We design and produce all additional supporting promotional print or public relation material, ensuring brand consistency. We work with a dynamic team to incorporate all elements of design and layout, concept and campaign development, corporate film, above and below the line advertisements, DVDs, TV inserts etc.

Fee structures are based on the need to provide sufficient time and resources, to ensure the achievement of predetermined measurable outcomes for clients.

The team ensures that all marketing campaigns run according to client’s expectations and strictly within client’s budget.


Some of the clients Charmaine Kritzinger and her team have successfully worked with for the past 15 years:

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